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Employee Compensation Study, Evaluation and Recommendation

About Chelsea Area Construction Agency

Established in 2000, Chelsea Area Construction Agency (C.A.C.A.) is a small Governmental Agency created by Inter-local agreement between the City of Chelsea and the surrounding townships of Dexter, Lima, Lyndon and Sylvan. To ensure the minimum safety standards of building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems to protect residential and commercial building users, agency members have adopted the Michigan Building Codes. C.A.C.A. is tasked with the administration and enforcement of those codes within the property boundaries of the agency members. C.A.C.A. is funded entirely with the revenues generated by permit fees.

Building Official/Plan Reviewer, Office Manager, Office Assistants, and Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical and Soil Erosion Inspectors.

Request for Proposal

The Chelsea Area Construction Agency is soliciting proposals from qualified firms to conduct an in-depth and comprehensive review of all employees. The scope of work includes a thorough assessment of job descriptions, a salary/benefits study, suggestion of potential job duties, creation of an organizational job chart, evaluation of staffing adequacy, and a review of agency policies and handbook.

Scope of Work:

  1. Job Descriptions and Salary/Benefits Study:
    • Evaluate and enhance existing job descriptions for clarity and alignment.
    • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of current salary and benefits structures.
    • Benchmark against industry standards and regional benchmarks.
    • Present findings and recommendations for optimizing salary and benefits packages.
  2. Job Duties Assessment:
    • Explore potential enhancements to current job duties.
    • Provide suggestions for optimizing roles and responsibilities.
    • Identify opportunities for cross-functional collaboration.
  3. Organization Job Chart:
    • Develop a clear and visually appealing organizational job chart.
    • Ensure alignment with the agency’s goals and objectives.
    • Provide a user-friendly representation of reporting structures.
  4. Staffing Levels Evaluation:
    • Assess the adequacy of the current number of employees to fulfill agency functions.
    • Identify areas with excess or insufficient staffing.
    • Provide recommendations for optimizing staffing levels.
  5. Policy and Handbook Review:
    • Conduct a thorough review of existing agency policies and handbook.
    • Identify gaps, inconsistencies, and areas for improvement.
    • Provide suggestions for new policies and revisions to existing ones.
  6. Fair Salary Increases Policy:
    • Propose a comprehensive policy for fair and equitable salary increases.
    • Ensure transparency and alignment with industry standards.
    • Consider performance metrics and employee contributions.

Submission Requirements
Proposals should contain the following information:

  1. Letter of Interest – Cover letter indicating interest in the project and identifying the firm’s ability to provide services needed.
  2. Introduction – A brief description of the firm including the number of years the firm has been in existence, range of professional services, office locations, and staff size.
  3. Work Program – In the project overview, describe the general project approach and process to be employed, describe a process approach that was used in the past to successfully complete similar projects, describe the proposed project schedule including timeline of major milestones, deliverables, and completion.
  4. Experience and Qualifications – A brief description of the firm’s prior work relevant to this RFP including the name, address, and phone number of client references and the primary contact persons.
  5. Consultant Personnel – Identify individualsfrom the firm’s professionals and other who will work on the project along with a brief summary of the individual and their experience.
  6. List of Clients – Provide a list of comparable clients for which similarservices have be provided in addition to contact information.
  7. Timeframe Flow Chart – Submit a flow chart with estimated project timeframe for meeting important project targets.
  8. Estimated Costs – Submit cost estimates for each task associated with preparation of the Master Plan and overall completion.

Submission Deadline
All proposals must be submitted by April 1, 2024 to Amanda Nimke at

Evaluation Criteria and Timeline
Proposals will be evaluated by the CACA Board based on the experience and expertise in conducting similar comprehensive employee reviews, clarity and feasibility of the proposed methodology, cost-effectiveness, and timeliness of delivery.

The initial review of the submission by the CACA board will be at the April 2024 board meeting. The intent is that board will award this RFP at or following that meeting and the firms that submitted RFPs would then be contacted.

Contact Information
For inquiries or clarification, contact Amanda Nimke, Board Chair at

The Chelsea Area Construction Agency reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.

We look forward to receiving your proposals.

Amanda Nimke, Board Chair